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Latest WoW Classic Map Features


Right click anywhere on the map to show everything close by, including any NPCs and gathering nodes.

Filterable Herbs By Zone

Added a filter on the herb / mining tab to only show gathering nodes / veins relevant to your required location.

Map POI's All Selectable

You can now click on any icon on the map be it Vendor, Quest Marker, Inn Keeper etc, an appropriate help panel will popup showing additional information.

Detailed Find Feature

We've extended our database to include the location of many more creatures within the world, search for them in the NPC panel, click the one you're looking for to see detailed locations.

Searchable NPC's Panel

The NPC panel has been upgraded to allow some specific filtering, you can now search accross the world for any NPC you desire. The dynamic results will show you if we have any locations for that NPC denoted by the number next to the icon.

Full NPC Location Listing

Created a new NPC Location Listing page (added ot the menu at the top). Lists every NPC in Classic WoW and lets you link through to them to see their location on the map.

More updates coming soon, drop me a shout on Twitter if you have a cool feature request or have found a bug :)

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