Z1BR Game Update March 13th: Gamers Outreach Charity Event and more!

Hey Guys,

Today's patch marks one week since the Season 3 update and the rebrand to Z1 Battle Royale. It has been a crazy week and we are ecstatic to see you all in game and having fun with the new season. The feedback and love shown from all of you in the community has since the patch has been nothing short of heart warming. It has been great seeing all the new and returning players having fun in game and on stream. We have also noticed through the feedback and streams where we can make fixes/improvements/ With the patch came the introduction of many new bugs. Today's patch is targeted at those issues, which you will see as you read through today's notes in the Misc. Updates and Bug Fix categories below. Alongside the bug fixes we also have a world update reintroducing sun reflections to the roads, a new in game item for St Paddy's Day, and a brand new Gamers Outreach Charity Hoodie supporting http://GamerOutreach.org and their mission.

One last rambling before for those that haven't skipped ahead to the notes. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day at any point to report bugs and issues they have come across to us. The videos, pictures, and steps to reproduce the issues are extremely helpful. They allow us to reproduce the issues much quicker, which in turn allows us to fix them much sooner. For anyone looking to make a bug report in the future drop those reports here[forums.z1.live] (there is also a great guide to the perfect bug report pinned at the top of the forum).


Do it for the Kids
Gamers Outreach is an amazing charity with a great mission. They are doing their annual fundraiser event "Gamers for Giving" this month on March 23rd-24th. The Z1 community has historically has been very active with this charity each year and we knew we wanted to get involved ourselves. You will be able to show your support by picking up the Gamers Outreach Hoodie in game between March 13th and March 25th with all net proceeds from the purchase going to GamersOutreach.org and their cause. If you aren't familiar with them or are looking for more ways to get involved, check out the links below.

Gamers Outreach About/Mission: https://gamersoutreach.org/about/our-mission/
Gamers Outreach Project Go-Kart: https://gamersoutreach.org/our-programs/project-go-kart/
Gamers for Giving Event Info: https://gamersoutreach.org/category/events/

Animations: Jump/Strafe
The standing jump will be returning to PS3 behavior with longer anticipation, but also allowing movement to occur before leaving ground. Touch ups have also been made to the strafe animations to bring them more in line with PS3 behavior.

Note: These changes may require a quick hot fix deploy to enable following the patch. If needed this will occur very shortly following the patch.

The Return of Road Shine
The shine/glow from the sun on the roads was a big piece of the feel during the PS3/King of the Kill era of the game. It wasn't ready for the patch last week, but over the last week one of our team members was able to get it finished up and ready for today's patch. We are happy to get this key piece of nostalgia back into the game to complete the overall look and vibe of PS3.

Don't Get Pinched
St Paddy's day is upon us and it's time to start sporting some green in your fits or suffer every BR players least favorite situation and get stuck in a pinch. What's that? Don't have any green skins to protect yourself with? Well we have just the skin for you, the brand new Leprechaun's Envy is now available through the message of the day in the main menu. Looking to get your first win of the season? Maybe a little leprechaun luck can swing tide of battle in your favor.

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Season 3 Showdown Loading Screen Added
  • Updated text "Enter a Daybreak Code" under the redeem a code section in the front end user interface to "Enter a Code to Redeem".
  • Missions: Missions will now reset daily at 4 am local time for each server.
  • Ranked Pro Watermark: There is a small Ranked Pro icon that will show on the top left corner of the players remain signifying for viewers that a player is in a Ranked Pro match.
  • Animations: Using freelook (default key: ALT) will now toggle the player between the hunched/leaned status to standing up straight the way that it did during the PS3 era.
  • Changed the Default Options button to change in game settings to PS3 default options.
  • UI: The "Processing Purchase" and purchase confirmation dialogue were using the old UI assets. These have been updated.
  • Fragments: Made small updates to the fragment icons to make them easier to spot in loot bags. This change was also applied to the Fragments section of the front end UI.
  • Added a new loading screen explaining the new Season 3 features.
  • Razer Chroma support in game is disabled. This was preventing players from being able to get into the game. If you have Razer Chroma keyboard and Razer Synapse installed, please verify you can get into the game now.
  • The large military crates in the backgrounds of the crate opening menu have been updated to replace the H1Z1 logo with Z1BR branding.

Bug Fixes
  • Email Opt-In was showing PII in the input field of the pop up in game. This has been corrected.
  • Collision: We noticed some small offsets in the collision of large trees on the Z2 map. These have been corrected.
  • The Z1BR Hoodie MoTD was generating a confirmation email to players every time it was clicked thanking them for their purchase even though no purchase had been made.
  • Audio: Fragment pickup audio was playing at the end of the match for the player that won the game. This has been fixed.
  • New default hotkey for enabling and disabling the new spectator chat function. The previous hotkey, Alt+S, involved the player having the physically move when pressed. (New hotkey is Alt+P)
  • Customization Menu: When customizing certain weapons the gun was getting cut off by the user interface. We have adjusted the camera location to stop this from occurring.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player was in a group and had not qualified for Ranked Pro yet the menu was showing 2 ranked pro play lists. This issue also existed when browsing the in game menus while in queue for a match. Both instances have been addressed with this patch.
  • The M1911 was not first shot accurate on jump shots. This has been changed to fall in line with the other weapons.
  • After using the inspect on the Legenday Reaver Combat Knife there was a bug that was causing it to show up on the Toxic Combat Knife. This has been fixed.
  • In Game HUD: The font in duos and fives was not matching the font used for solos in the HUD. All 3 modes will now use the font from solos.
  • The Showdown Backpack was showing the wrong model in the customization menu. The correct model will now be displayed when viewing the item.